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Mallika I Love You Telugu Movie Online

Directed by Raju Sundaram 
Produced by K. Karunamoorthy ,C. Arunpandian 
Written by S. Ramakrishnan 
Starring : Ajith Kumar ,Nayantara ,Navdeep ,Piaa Bajpai ,Suman 
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja 
Cinematography : Arjun jena
Editing by V. T. Vijayan
Ajith plays a special task force commander, the kind of squad only used for special tactic operations. A situation arises where he has to get back to his family members. Enthralled with rising emotions and love for his blood brother he decides to stay with that family not revealing his real identity. 
There he falls in love with a woman of his dreams. He is also a patriotic defender of his motherland. Caught up in a dilemma of romance and emotions he also has to protect his country from the intruders. He is the one and he will succeed but how?